why do so many people think spiders are evil and out to get you

look at this fucking nerd run away in an overly dramatic cartoonish way just because something touched its butt

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the thing i love about shameless is that you only need to watch one episode and you’ll be willing to go to war for certain members of the gallagher family


Sometimes I think about the season 3 gallavich sleep over. Like Mickey and Ian just sat around watching movies, and Mickey cooked food, and wanted to try new things. And it was so sweet and nice and very normal and then and then. Fucking Terry.

"I like carrot tops. You know, red hair, freckles…"

Mickey is so clearly pining for Ian it’s going to kill me (via kisskirkbangbones)

What if Season 5 starts of really happy? Like everyone’s smiling and laughing and everything is good in their life.

Maybe even have a scene where Mickey is in the Alibi and he’s smiling and laughing with the guys.

But then it cuts to Mickey at his house, solemn, staring at a still barely moving Ian. And we’ll rewind and/or make gifsets and we’ll realize the smiles and laughs are all fake, trying to hide the fear and sadness.


Where’s my new episode?

Haven’t they finished the 5th season yet?

Do I have to keep waiting?

So rude. 


Shameless challenge: favourite female character

Fiona Gallagher

"I don’t know why it took me this long to start hating myself but I got there. It’s a shitty feeling."

If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy?
If our love’s insanity, why are you my clarity?


Just imagine the look on Mickey’s face when he walks into his bedroom and Ian’s actually sitting up, maybe rubbing his face. He looks up at Mickey and smiles tiredly. Mickey will completely understand that Ian doesn’t want to talk to about it, so he just goes over and kisses him gently, cradling his jaw. Then he takes Ian’s hand and pulls him into the bathroom and they get into the shower and Mickey gets on his tiptoes to wash Ian’s hair.


you think this is some kind of game, noel?

First & Last Appearances - Shameless Season Two

"Name a single time I’ve let you down."